Get Faster Results

Get Faster Results

Do you want to improve the look of your smile without spending extra months or years in braces? A Winning Smile Orthodontics offers PROPEL® to reduce your treatment time by as much as sixty percent! Patients and orthodontists alike appreciate the ease and simplicity of this treatment. With the PROPEL System, you can achieve your dream smile in no time. We invite you to read on to learn how the PROPEL System works.

PROPEL is a quick, in-office procedure performed by our skilled orthodontist. It stimulates the alveolar bone with Alveocentesis, which consists of making micro-perforations in the bones to promote faster bone remodeling. The PROPEL System can benefit traditional braces and Invisalign by reducing the amount of time needed to correct cases that involve cross bites, open bites, spacing, and crowding. Patients who use PROPEL with their Invisalign treatment can change their trays every seven days instead of the usual fourteen. In some instance, PROPEL has helped patients complete their orthodontic treatment within a year!

Our orthodontist and team are proud to offer the PROPEL System to help patients achieve beautiful and healthier smiles faster than ever before. Ask Dr. Catherine about PROPEL in Worthington and the surrounding Columbus, Ohio areas by contacting our office at (614) 888-8070.


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