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Athletes with Braces Should Strongly Consider Using a Mouthguard

The braces installed in your mouth at A Winning Smile Orthodontics are made of metal brackets, wires and other orthodontic hardware. Progressive tension is applied to the braces through the course of multiple adjustment sessions. If any part of your braces is damaged or if you suffer significant oral trauma, it will likely increase the amount of time needed to realign your teeth.

Athletes with braces who are participating in rigorous sports should strongly consider using a quality mouthguard. The potential damage and trauma from an unprotected blow to the mouth during contact sports can be severe.

Many of the mouthguards sold in stores can feel bulky or can impede your ability to breathe freely. This can lead to some athletes forgoing the use of a mouthguard. If you feel that a consumer-grade mouthguard is inadequate or uncomfortable, Dr. McDevitt can help fit you for a custom mouthguard.

This is a soft yet durable plastic mouthpiece designed to match your mouth for maximum protection and passage of air.

If you’re an athlete with braces and you’re interested in understanding your mouthguard options, you should call 614-888-8070 to set up a consultation today.

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