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Clear Aligners Are Great for Fixing Smiles

A new year has begun once again, and with it, the joy and promise of an unwritten future with unlimited possibilities. Why not make the wish of great oral health come true by fixing your smile?

Invisalign® clear aligner treatment systems are designed for a comfortable fit along with the functionality of keeping your diet intact, and your mouth safer during your recovery. Here are some additional topics about Invisalign:

Question: Where can I go to get Invisalign? Answer: You can visit our office, or start by booking an appointment with us at 614-888-8070.

Question: Are there any metal brackets or wires used with Invisalign? Answer: No, there is no metal present. Invisalign is made with a patented clear thermoplastic material, which is safer for your teeth and gums. The clear design also makes the aligners very hard to detect, even for close family, friends, or peers.

Question: What are the benefits of Invisalign? Answer: Invisalign aligners can be removed during treatment, allowing normal eating habits with no food restrictions. Because they are removable they are much easier to clean and care for.

Question: Can anybody get Invisalign? Answer: Invisalign orthodontic treatment many not be the best option for each patient. Ask your orthodontist to ensure you are getting the best orthodontic care available to you.

The Invisalign aligner system is a great way to fix and correct smiles. To learn more about Invisalign, or to schedule an appointment with a member of our staff, give us a call today and see what Invisalign can do for you!

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