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Common Questions About Malocclusions

Do you know what malocclusions are? Did you know that many forms of malocclusions can form within your mouth? Fortunately, orthodontic treatments exist to fix these ailments and straighten your smile. With orthodontics, a misaligned facial structure can be corrected. Listed below are some common questions about malocclusions in quiz form to help you learn more about your smile and the different malocclusions that exist. These questions include:

Which of the following is not a malocclusion? a.) Transponders b.) Misplaced midlines c.) Open bites d.) Bulldog teeth

True or False: Malocclusions only affect your incisors. a.) True b.) False

True or False: Malocclusions can be corrected with orthodontic treatments a.) True b.) False

What is a malocclusion? a.) Bad bites that refer to misalignments and improper fits with your teeth and jaw b.) Oral ailments that are the result of stains and discolorations c.) Dental tools used to correct oral abnormalities d.) A form of cosmetic dentistry used to restore or replace damaged teeth

Answer Key: a, b, a, a

To learn more about which orthodontic service you would require for treating any malocclusions you may have, contact A Winning Smile Orthodontics at 614-888-8070. Come visit Dr. Catherine Scheurer McDevitt and our team at our orthodontic office in Worthington, OH, by booking an appointment at your earliest convenience. Let us help you find your healthy smile.

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