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Early Braces Treatment Can Improve Gapped Teeth

As your child’s mouth develops, it undergoes many changes that alter its shape and structure so that it can expand through the teenage years. During elementary school years, the baby teeth are slowly replaced by the permanent teeth that should last for the whole of your child’s adult years. The ongoing development of the oral structure can result in gapped teeth that need to be corrected with early braces treatment.

Sometimes, during a period of transition for a child’s oral structure, two or more permanent teeth can erupt with wide spaces between the teeth. While teeth sometimes shift closer together later on in the process of oral development, in many cases, widely spaced teeth can cause a child to develop significant tooth alignment issues that result in other complications.

If your child has widely gapped teeth, you can arrange a consultation with Dr. Catherine and our team so that we can examine your child’s smile and determine if the dental misalignment is severe enough to require a treatment strategy such as braces.

If our dentist has found that this dental condition may benefit from early orthodontic treatment, we can provide an abbreviated form of braces to improve tooth positioning, and this may involve adjusting the braces periodically so that they remain tight and can reduce tooth gaps over time.

When the oral structure has received a stable alignment, we can replace the braces with a retainer that helps the teeth maintain their new positions. Typically, an orthodontic retainer is worn until any lingering tension has disappeared and the teeth are once again stable.

If you suspect that your child’s teeth would benefit from receiving braces in Worthington, Ohio, we invite you to call A Winning Smile Orthodontics at 614-888-8070 today and schedule a consultation with our team.

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