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Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

With the right oral apparatuses, you can realign your chompers and craft a more beautiful smile. Oral appliances come in a few different types, and in this post, we’d like to talk about fixed oral appliances.

Braces: Braces are the most well-known fixed dental appliances, and traditional wire braces consist of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces work by pushing on your pearly whites for realignment, and the wires, brackets, and bands work as a team to accomplish this. The brackets are glued to the front of the pearly whites, the bands are placed around the chompers as anchors and the wires go through the brackets and attach to the bands. When the wires are tightened, they place tension on your pearly whites and slowly straighten them; based on the progressing alignment of your pearly whites, Dr. Catherine Scheurer McDevitt will adjust the tension. Braces technology has developed in recent years, and the braces of today are stronger than those of the past.

Space maintainers: Fixed space maintainers support you to save holes between teeth open when the lost tooth was a baby tooth. Like braces, fixed space maintainers use wires and band to line up your chompers appropriately.

Special appliances: Some fixed dental appliances have purposes such as fixing thumb-sucking, and these appliances work with dental bands. These appliances are generally only used in dire circumstances.

Would you like to have your pearly whites realigned? If so, please call our office at 614-888-8070 now to set up your next visit with A Winning Smile Orthodontics in Worthington, OH.

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