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Prevent Tooth Stains from Affecting Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your teeth are coated with a tooth enamel layer that is made of tiny mineral crystals full of pores. These pores can become traps for staining particles introduced by dark foods and drinks in your diet. We can help you preserve the results of your teeth whitening treatment by avoiding substances that can cause tooth stains.

Dr. Catherine and our team are pleased to offer ZOOM! teeth whitening to help you achieve beautiful results in as little as one visit to help you address tooth stains and achieve your dream smile. Teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference for your smile, but if you frequently consume staining agents, the results may be temporary.

Tomato sauce, dark berries and chocolate are all foods that stain teeth and should be limited in your diet. You can also reduce staining by using whitening toothpaste when brushing your teeth.

Be wary of how often you drink coffee, tea and cola drinks because these highly concentrated beverages are full of staining particles that can darken your teeth. When you do enjoy these drinks, we recommend using a straw.

Speak with your physician about a cessation program if you often use tobacco, which contains chemicals and tar that cause deep tooth stains over time.

You are welcome to contact A Winning Smile Orthodontics at 614-888-8070 today for a consultation with Dr. Catherine if you have further concerns about tooth stains and teeth whitening in Worthington, Ohio.

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