Ceramic Braces

If you would prefer a more aesthetic and discreet orthodontic appliance, ask Dr. Catherine about our translucent ceramic braces. We invite you to visit A Winning Smile Orthodontics if you are interested in receiving aesthetic ceramic braces.

Why choose ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces share all the same benefits as metal braces, but are clear and virtually invisible on your teeth, allowing patients to smile confidently during and after treatment. The nearly invisible bracket can allow you to achieve your dream smile with discretion—in fact, most people may never realize you are wearing braces at all.

How do ceramic braces work?

When you visit A Winning Smile Orthodontics to receive ceramic braces, Dr. Catherine will perform nearly the same process as traditional braces, but with clearer materials. The ceramic brackets are paired with arch wires to shift your teeth and jaws into a healthier and more aesthetic alignment. If you choose self-ligating braces, the clips that replace these elastics are whitened to increase the aesthetic appeal of ceramic braces.

What is a self-ligating ceramic bracket?

Self-ligating ceramic brackets have tiny built in whitened metal clips that do not require the elastic ties required with some brackets. Self-ligating brackets are easier to clean and make your orthodontic treatment more discreet.

To learn if you would benefit from ceramic braces in Worthington and the surrounding Columbus, Ohio areas, you are welcome to contact our office at (614) 888-8070 today and schedule an appointment.