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So far I’ve been absolutely thrilled with this practice. I found them because of my insurance network, but when I called and they said they had Saturday hours, that sold me. Then the office staff were just awesome, super friendly and helpful. Dr. McDevitt took plenty of time to explain everything to my daughter and then on my consultation to go over treatment plan, I was super impressed with her knowledge about what my daughter needed.

Melanie M.

I love the doctor and the staff. Plus there’s always an awesome movie playing in the waiting room while my son is getting treatment.

Corey V.

Great and friendly!

Lee L.

I love it there!!, it’s like my second home lol. Wish I could live there, unlimited movies and service best of both worlds.

Christian M.

Great staff! Friendly and helpful. Flexible plans… for all budgets. I recommend family and friends with children get a consultation, those that have only say great things about their experience. I am very happy my girls are seen here. Visible and affordable results, Joe-bob says ‘check them out’!

Charles K.

They are perfect. I love the doctor, who is such a professional and kind orthodontist. I’m really confident of my smile since my teeth get much better. Smiles are always important.

Wengang C.

Staff is really friendly,hospitable, and professional! We drive an hour for appointments because of how courteous everyone is in addition to the beautiful results and awesome work they do. I definitely recommend this office to anyone looking to get great results and customer service!

Deaira H.

I brought my daughter here after having a bad experience at another doctors office. They spent time with me to develop a plan to fix my daughters teeth correctly. The staff are always friendly and are very accommodating to my schedule. My daughter enjoys coming here and they always make her feel comfortable during her appointments.

Heather S.

Love Dr. Catherine. She is super patient with both my little kids. My older one is 11 and a ton of people stop and tell me how beautiful his smile is. Grateful to have his teeth fixed.

Sangeetha V.

We love a Winning Smile Orthodontics! We have used them for all three of our kids. The office staff is friendly. It is easy to schedule appointments. Dr. McDevitt gives great results.

Amanda M.

The Doctor and staff are friendly and welcoming. Both my children and myself have been patients here, and have been pleased with the care we have received. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Crissy B.

Always gentle, friendly, flexible, and on time. We’ve had a great experience so far. My 8-year old reports: “They’re really nice!”

Amanda S.

My daughter feels so welcome here and they do a fantastic job… I can’t even say how awesome they are!

Elizabeth K.

Great experience here. I’m an adult and had an issue with my childhood permanent retainer which had come loose.

Matthew R.

Always friendly and accommodating, easy in and out for treatments. Very little wait time.

Toni N.

I began an Invisalign plan years ago with Dr. McDevitt and Winning Smile Ortho and have never had a complaint. They are flexible in scheduling and rescheduling appointments, are always ready to see patients at their scheduled time, and Dr. McDevitt is engaging and professional. Her practice is probably smaller than a lot of others and as a result I find that I receive better care and am not lost in a large pool of patients. I highly recommend starting here if you are looking for an orthodontist.

Price N.

Wonderful practice! Dr. McDevitt is treating my second child currently and did a wonderful job with my first. When my eldest decided she was happy with her teeth after only having a palette expander and wanted to discontinue the plan to proceed with braces, Dr. McDevitt was incredibly respectful and did not try to push her into continuing. Her treatment would have been solely cosmetic and she respected my choice to let my teen decide. She’s doing an amazing job with my second child’s orthodontia so far. His is not an easy case. We’re already making plans to start our youngest’s treatment next year. Appointments are easy to get, the office is nearly always running on time, and the staff are fantastic! Highly recommend!

Sara S.

My daughter has been a patient since 2017. Cindy is amazing! She is the first voice/face you see and is incredibly helpful and patient with parents! Dr C. is very calm and relaxing with my daughter making her feel at ease when she visits.

Libbi C.

My son is happy with his braces so am I (mommy) the staff is very friendly and great at what they do.

Jimmie T.

Dr. Catherine and her staff are awesome! Very knowledgeable and friendly. My daughter really is pleased her results.

David B.