Broken Braces? What To Do If A Bracket Or Wire Breaks

Broken braces

Ever felt like you’re just one bite away from a braces mishap? If you’ve ever heard that dreaded “snap” while enjoying your favorite snack, you know the mini heart attack that follows isn’t far behind. Suddenly, you’re Googling “broken braces bracket” and “broken wire braces” like it’s your job, wondering how on earth you’re going … Read more

What Is An Orthodontist? What Do They Do?

Dr. McDevitt

Ever found yourself wondering exactly what an orthodontist does? Sure, you might think it’s just about straightening a few teeth here and there, but there’s a whole lot more that goes on behind those clinic doors. In a world where your smile is one of your most visible assets, understanding the magic behind orthodontic care … Read more

Invisalign Vs Braces

Woman putting on clear aligners

Navigating the world of orthodontic treatment can often feel like standing at a crossroads, especially when faced with the choice between Invisalign and traditional braces. It’s a decision that not only impacts your smile but your daily life as well. While both options aim to achieve the same goal—a straighter, healthier smile—they do so through … Read more

Can You Get Braces During Pregnancy?

Pregnant woman in white lace sleeveless dress standing beside brown wooden crib photo

Navigating pregnancy comes with a whirlwind of do’s and don’ts, leaving many expectant mothers pondering whether adding “getting braces” to their list is a wise move. It’s a time when health and wellness take center stage, and understandably, oral health is no exception. After all, a radiant smile and good dental health play pivotal roles … Read more

10 Benefits Of Braces

Portrait of young blonde woman

When most of us think about braces, the first image that pops into our heads is a teenager sporting a metal smile. But there’s so much more to braces than just a rite of passage for the younger crowd. At A Winning Smile, we know that braces are a key to unlocking not just a … Read more